Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Pitch

Welcome to CVRPC's brand new blog site! Why a blog? Because planning in Vermont is a dynamic world, moving too fast for regional plans, annual reports or quarterly newsletters to keep pace. It seems that everyday some new information, opportunity or challenge comes to light. Whether it's a new grant program, traffic count data, FEMA flood map updates, or a big development proposal, the planner's "landscape" is constantly changing. This blog will allow CVRPC staff to keep you up to date and well informed. Plus, we get to put our two cents into the conversation! We will be posting regularly on a variety of planning related topics (and maybe, occasionally, some that aren't). We look forward to hearing from you, as well. Please visit and post your comments regularly. Ciao for now.


realvermonta said...

Well, once again CVRPC is ahead of the curve. We've been looking at setting up just such a site and we will keep close watch on yours to see how it proceeds.

Lots of success in generating more local involvement in your activities.

Anonymous said...

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